commission info

Terms of Service

  • I retain all rights to my artwork.

  • All commissions are for personal, non-profit use only. Please inquire for commercial use and rates.

  • Refunds may be requested if the commission has not been started. Once I have started, I will not provide a refund.

  • If a situation should arise where I can not complete the commission, a full refund will be issued.

  • Major revisions come at an additional cost once the sketch stage has been cleared. 

  • Rush jobs are available at an additional cost.


  • Send detailed references and all pertinent commission information through the order form.​ (requests may be waitlisted or denied)

  • Once I have accepted your order, sketch will soon be sent to you for approval. 

  • After the sketch has been approved for finalization, revisions required due to an oversight by me are free. Revisions required by your oversight will come at an additional fee.

  • I will send an invoice to be paid in full before additional work is started.

  • Post-sketch confirmation revision fee: +50%

  • Post-completion revision fee: +100%

  • A full resolution .png file will be sent to you using dropbox upon completion.


  • I do not do design work such as twitch overlays or panels, but I can draw artwork that can be used for them, and direct you towards designers who do work I love.

  • I will reject emote ideas I think I will not be able to execute in a way I am proud of, but can direct you towards artists I think may do better.

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